Feast of Fishes

Many of us have holiday meal traditions centered around turkey, ham, lamb and beef. But how about a holiday seafood feast?

Immigrants from southern Italy brought with them to the United States the tradition of serving seafood during “The Vigil,” also known as the “Feast of the Seven Fishes.”

Today, many families carry on the tradition. Cod, lobster, shrimp, sardines, clams, calamari – anything to celebrate the bounty of the sea – is enjoyed by everyone at the table.

Whatever your family’s heritage, you might also enjoy a similar celebration at the holidays, sharing some sensational seafood with your family. Market of Choice has a wide variety of high-quality seafood choices to get you started on a new favorite tradition.

Oregon’s fishing fleet brings us a great range of fresh, sustainably sourced seafood. Together, with products from like-minded fisherfolk around the world, you can choose from clams, mussels, shrimp, oysters, crab and more — it’s nearly impossible to pick just one.

Start off with some Dungeness Cocktail Crab Cakes, made by your Market Fishmongers using 100% Dungeness Crab — they make the perfect bite-sized appetizer. Our Prosciutto and Lemon Herb Chèvre-Stuffed Prawns – plump prawns stuffed with a lemon and herb chèvre, wrapped with an Italian-cured prosciutto – also make a stupendous starter.

We also offer Classic Crab Cakes or Gluten-Free Friendly Crab Cakes, made with Dungeness and lump crab, which make an excellent entrée or side to chowder. Or use them to make our recipe for Crab Cakes Benedict.

You also might want to try some Alaskan King Crab Legs, a holiday favorite, or for a real treat, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets, which are fresh and wild-caught from the icy waters off the Alaskan Coast.

Make your holidays even easier by reserving these seafood choices and much more online. To add just the right flavor, choose from a selection of house-made seafood sauces, available at your Market Seafood Department, when you pick up your items.

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