Retail Candies

Whether you’re seeking something special for someone, satisfying your own sweet tooth, or hunting down the ideal ingredient, you’ll find it all right here at your Market.

Throughout our stores, you’ll discover a carefully chosen selection of seasonal candies and chocolates, sourced from the best chocolatiers and candy makers from all over the world.

Choose from holiday favorites, like locally made peppermint bark and fudge or lovely traditional tins filled with high-quality chocolates. There’s also ribbon candies, organic peppermint candy canes and everything you need to put together a gorgeous gingerbread house – be sure to check out our selection of wonderfully colorful Makin’ Batch candies to enhance your creation.

Adorably decorated to fit the season, chocolate-dipped pretzels, Oreos and Nutter Butters from Sweet Jubilee make stupendous stocking stuffers. You’ll also notice a nice selection of natural, plant-based options, like maple candy and vegan chocolates – HU’s bars and chocolate-covered nuts are amazing!

And don’t miss our “Chocolate Library” filled with a curated chocolate bars from France, Finland, Iceland, Singapore and Dubai – we carry the latest and greatest. Inclusion bars are all the rage right now, with chocolatiers adding all sorts of things to their top-notch chocolate – be sure to check them out. In the meantime, learn more about why we love these local and international choices!

Local Chocolates & Candies

Seely: Mint Bark features steam-distilled essential oils from cool flavorful mint harvested at the third-generation Seely Family Farm in Oregon. This pure peppermint oil is then mixed with a bittersweet Belgian chocolate base, topped with white chocolate and sprinkled with a handmade candy crunch.

McFadden’s Fabulous Fudge: McFadden’s has been making its Fabulous Fudge on the Oregon Coast for over 20 years, using the finest ingredients, including locally sourced walnuts, juicy cranberries and specially picked pumpkins.

Moonstruck Handmade Chocolates: Moonstruck Chocolate of Portland has handcrafted, ethically sourced chocolates since 1993, blending a magical taste of the metaphysical and fresh regional flavors from the Pacific Northwest.

Ranger: Starting with single-origin cacao beans treated with care and blended with quality sugar and milk, Portland’s Ranger chocolate company creates delicious goods with richness and depth.

Cranberry Sweets: Pate de Fruit are what made Cranberry Sweets in Bandon’s Old Town famous. These simple, tangy yet sweet candies take weeks to create from fruit, cane sugar and pectin before they’re cut and sugared by hand.

Holm Made Toffee: Family-owned Holm Made Toffee in Bend uses only four ingredients in its base recipe: Oregon-grown hazelnuts, pure cane sugar, creamy dairy butter and dark chocolate. They then add locally sourced ingredients like culinary lavender, freshly ground coffee and spices, fruit extracts and seasonal ingredients.

Bees and Beans: Bees and Beans in Portland uses locally sourced ingredients of the finest quality to make its chocolate Honey Bars, candied hazelnuts and other delicious treats.

Domestically Made, Devine Treats

Jo’s Candies: Jo’s Candies, which has been crafting chocolate delights since 1946, offers beautiful gift tins filled with gourmet treats, like pretzel bark, almond toffee bark, peppermint bark, caramels and more.

Hammonds: Hammonds’ nostalgic ribbon candies, organic peppermint candy canes and hard candies are a delicious way to share the spirit of the holiday season. The company is celebrating its 100th year of creating sweet treats.

Sweet Jubilee: If you can imagine some of your favorite snack foods dipped in chocolate, then Sweet Jubilee Gourmet’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Chocolate Dipped Oreos and Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters are just what you need. The company emphasizes the use of impeccably fresh ingredients to create fanciful but sophisticated indulgences.

Sugarwood Farms: Sugarwood Farms uses the lightest grade of 100% pure syrup to create natural candies featuring sweet but not overpowering maple flavor.

Makin’ Batch: Makin’ Batch Candies cooks its wide variety of confections in small batches and hand details many pieces. They make classic candies like lemon drops, orange slices, cinnamon balls, malted milk balls and peanut butter pillows, just to name a few.

HU: Like all of its products, HU’s Chocolate Bars and Chocolate-Covered Nuts feature minimally processed, all natural ingredients. Their chocolate is paleo, vegan and dairy-free.

Jelina Chocolatier: Jelina Chocolatier aims to source responsibly for all of its products crafted by master chocolatiers using premium chocolate infused with creativity, passion and specially selected ingredients.

Rustic Bakery: Sophisticated and delicious, Gingerbread Tile Cookies from Rustic Bakery are hand-rolled and trimmed, full of holiday spices and topped with a delicate vanilla glaze over an intricately engraved surface.

Frans: Frans’ European-inspired creations of rich, buttery caramel and smooth, creamy chocolate feature heavenly combinations. This Pacific Northwest company prides itself on the purity of its ingredients and its dedication to artisan chocolates.

Imported Chocolates

Chapon from France: Creations from Paris incorporate exceptional beans from international sources to create Chapon from France’s chocolates of rich character with distinct, flavorful notes.

Goodio from Finland: Founded on the principles of sustainability, well-being and transparency, Goodio creates chocolates made of premium, organic, raw and primarily wild ingredients.

Omnom from Iceland: Omnom’s mission is to make the best-possible chocolate using Direct Trade ingredients. This Iceland-based company produces small-batch “bean-to-bar” chocolate, using the finest cacao beans, sourced worldwide.

Fossa from Singapore: Singapore’s Fossa works with farmers who’ve dedicated their lives to the craft of cacao cultivation and fermentation. The company selects only purposefully grown and prepared ingredients at their peak.

Mirzam from Dubai: Single-origin cocoa beans chosen for diverse flavors from the ancient maritime Spice Route are at the heart of Mirzam’s operation in Dubai that produces prized, superior chocolates.