Taking Care of You

The holiday season is something we look forward to all year, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Decorating, meal planning and keeping track of who’s naughty and nice can be both fun and fatiguing.

When deciding what to give all those special someones on your list, don’t forget that someone else deserves something special, too — you. Take care of yourself, and you’ll have the energy to take care of others.

How, you say? Relax by putting your feet up and enjoying a favorite book. Put together a puzzle. Listen to music. Enjoy an utterly predictable holiday movie. Light a candle with a favorite fragrance, draw a bath with some soothing bath salts, enjoy a sweet or savory snack while sinking into a favorite chair and gazing at the holiday lights. Enjoy a calming cup of medicinal tea or a glass of wine.

Need more ideas? Visit your Market Whole Health and Home & Gift departments and choose from plenty of items to pamper you. Here are some of our recommendations:

EO Bubble Bath will help you sink into relaxation surrounded by bubbles made with gentle cleansers, plant extracts, pure essential oils and soothing, all natural scents. Try French Lavender, Rose & Lemon or Eucalyptus & Arnica. EO products are made in a family-owned, zero-waste facility, crafted with sustainably farmed, organic ingredients.

DANI soy candles feature 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks for a soot-free sensory indulgence. Try white pine, a classic seasonal fragrance. DANI products are made in Bend, at the base of Mount Bachelor Ski Resort with a mission to provide refreshing, nourishing, all natural products using the purest ingredients and fragrances.

Evanhealy offers a line of holistic skin care products formulated to work with the rhythms and physiology of the body to support long-term skin health and radiance. Its Douglas Fir Facial tonic is like bringing home the deep forest in a bottle, providing an earthy, pure, invigorating experience with notes of lemons and butterscotch. Evanhealy also offers Blue Cactus products that summon the hydrating power of desert plants to soothe hot, dry skin. The company develops relationships with farms, tribal villages and women’s cooperatives. Many of its products are certified by Oregon Tilth.

Portland Bee Balm is just that: natural, effective balm made from beeswax from Pacific Northwest hives. The company uses carefully sourced ingredients and its environmental awareness is evident in its products – the balms even come wrapped in real wood instead of processed paper. Try Portland Bee Balm Oregon Mint or Rose Garden featuring, all natural lip protection with a subtle, refreshing floral scent.